Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fabric for All

I dont have any idea if anyone even reads this anymore, BUT, am clearing out my creative space and have made some Care Packages filled with cloth. There are 12 X 12 pieces and scraps. Assortments of fabric to include linen, silk, cotton(calico-store bought) and some scraps I have no idea of their textile origin. If you have a preference in color let me know. If anyone is interested in doilies- gorgeous dainty beauties, I can make a care package with them. OH, it's all free. If you can cover shipping, that would be awesome but not a deal breaker. If you are not great with free, I am willing to do some sort of exchange or trade( recipes, photo's, ephemera- make a suggestion), but not for more fabric. It's all gotta go. Would love it all to go to good use.... so spread the word. xo Sandy


  1. My sister has been hearing me whine and sent me your blog. YES! I would love a care package and will gladly pay postage (heck- you can charge me for what is shipped by the pound if you like).

    I am setting up a studio now for fiber arts and found I lost my whole stash of stuff to mildew. I am actually retiring this month and I have taken to cutting up my work clothes but they are mostly dull work colors. I am eyeing my husbands purple dress shirt but I think he'd notice if I took off an arm. I would love color! I am percolating on mixed media stuff, layering fabrics, cording, lace, beads, melting, felting, quilting, gluing, stitching, dying, painting, crusty textural color using all needle arts, crochet, knitting, embroidery, weaving, you name it. Just to celebrate color!

    So, here I am in a very traditional upstate rural area with only a Wal-mart and an abbreviated Jo-Ann's. It's like so .... vanilla. Sigh. So any thing you want to toss my way, will be truly appreciated. You can check me out on face book- Lee Ann Walker in Oswego, NY.

  2. Lee Ann,
    Can you email me? I think I can help you out. I have lots of questions, as I have LOTS of stuff you might be able to use.
    Who is your sister? I'd like to thank her. Chat soon. Sandy