Monday, December 10, 2012

All Fabric is spoken for.

Thank you all for visiting and if you have heard back from me, then you should be expecting a package in the near future. I sooooooo appreciate the opportunity to share with those of you who inquired. Again, THANK YOU!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fabric for All

I dont have any idea if anyone even reads this anymore, BUT, am clearing out my creative space and have made some Care Packages filled with cloth. There are 12 X 12 pieces and scraps. Assortments of fabric to include linen, silk, cotton(calico-store bought) and some scraps I have no idea of their textile origin. If you have a preference in color let me know. If anyone is interested in doilies- gorgeous dainty beauties, I can make a care package with them. OH, it's all free. If you can cover shipping, that would be awesome but not a deal breaker. If you are not great with free, I am willing to do some sort of exchange or trade( recipes, photo's, ephemera- make a suggestion), but not for more fabric. It's all gotta go. Would love it all to go to good use.... so spread the word. xo Sandy

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Creative Books

I am clearing out a BUNCH of items from my creative space- I have listed them on Etsy for a steal. Please check them out. Something for everyone! Mixed Media, Spinning, Quilting, Sewing. I will be adding to them as I go through my shelves. Thank you in advance.......